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5 Things Young Women Are Crazy About

You want to date younger women? You are in love or in a relationship with a younger lady? Then a few tips how to please her wonít hurt, right? Here are 5 things, women under 30 are completely crazy about:

1. Shopping! 90% of all young ladies love it! There is not such thing as too many handbags or shoes for them! They want to dress to impress no matter where they go. Take her shopping or surprise your loved one with a shopping weekend in New York. Sheís gonna love you even more for that!

2. True interest! Show true and authentic interest for her life and everything she does, even if you donít agree with it 100%. Women want to be understood and you have to give her the feeling that you listen and remember what she told you.

3. Freedom and independence. Give her some space, donít write too many emails and donít be omnipresent. If you stick to her toes she will be turned off relatively quickly.

4. Action Ė as in the opposite of boredom. The worst thing that can happen to a young woman is boredom. So make sure you get your bum off the couch to start some exciting activities with your lady. Sport, city trips, vacation, exhibitions..the list goes on.

5. Honesty. Be 100% honest with her at all times. When you are still involved in some after-marriage issues with your Ex or when you donít have the intention of building up a perm

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