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Pros and Cons Of A Relationship With a Younger Woman

Relationships between men over 40 and women under 30 are no longer a rarity. Leaving the common prejudices and myths those couples have to face aside, there are some realistic and serious pros and cons. The disadvantages of a relationship where the man is way older than his female partner include a conflict of interests. Because of the age gap it might happen that both partners are interested in complete different things.

Or maybe one partner is settled and happy at home and the other one wants to travel and move to some place else. Another disadvantage is the generation gap. Whereas the older man might have left some issues – like, for example, children – behind, the younger woman might feel the desire to become a mum.

But, there are also a lot of advantages. Young and old partners can benefit big time from each other in relationships. Younger women appreciate their older partner’s life experience, maturity and fatherly attitude. It makes them feel safe and secure and gives them a good feeling about their future. The older man can benefit from her youth and energy. She allows him to feel wanted, desired and young again. He can see the world from a whole new point of view and experience long forgotten things and rediscover talents and dreams he had when he was young. When love strikes and everything proves to work out well, age is no longer an issue.

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