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How Younger Women Want To Be Treated

Todayís generation of young women around 25 years and older is considerably different to the generation of women before them. They became increasingly independent of their fathers and husbands and in western societies they are in most ways equal to men. They have the same rights, the same educational and professional opportunities, they earn their own money, they lead and own companies and, if at all, they become mothers much later than the generations before.

The problem that might arise when older gentlemen date younger woman is that the man might still have some obsolete viewpoints of the role of a woman. This does, of course, not happen on purpose. It is rather an opinion that was being formed since the beginning of our times and stayed in our heads until to today. Men of 50 plus grew up with mothers who probably stayed at home and spent their life being mothers and housewives. They grew up with men trying to win a womanís heart by asking their fathers for permission, by sending her love letters, flowers or other presents just to achieve a single date.

Times have changed and so has the way, young women want to be treated by men. Of course, it always depends on the woman and not every young lady is the same but in general one can say, they want to be treated as equal, independent individuals. They want to make their own decisions, they want to be able to establish a successful career and combine it with motherhood and a successful marriage. They want men who respect and accept them as completely independent and free individuals. Young women donít need men to tell them what to do or think, they know exactly what they want and achieve in life.

Of course, a women still wants to be a woman and thatís why a man should see her as a healthy combination of wife, lover, partner, and best friend.In some ways though, young ladies of today havenít changed a bit compared to the women of the past. They still want to look beautiful, being told that they are. They want to be treated like a woman that is desirable, attractive and sensitive behind a strong faÁade. They want to be taken out for drinks, fine dinings, entertaining events, etc. They want to be indulged, pampered and listened to.

Sounds complicated? Not really, with the right combination of sensitivity, respect, tolerance and patience, every gentleman will manage to get to know a lady and find out what she puts the strongest emphasis on. Younger women are not too different from older ones, in the end, every one just wants to be heard and seen as the person they really are and share their life with a likeminded man who understands them.

It is not necessary to buy a bunch of flowers each time to impress her, or to tell her how beautiful and great she is 10 times a day. The things that really count are respect and mutual understanding.

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