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How To Flirt With Younger Women - Dating younger women, age difference, relationship with a big age difference

Flirting on the Internet via chat, email or personal messenger is not easy if you have never done it before. The dating world is a whole new experience. Most of all when younger women and older men come together, the older man doesnít want to scare her of or make any other stupid mistake. When flirting with younger women it is therefore essential to stick to some principal rules.

The most important thing is not to appear completely desperate. No matter what the situation is, divorce, break up, loneliness, etc. older men should never give the impression that they are desperate to find a young partner. That will make them look extremely unattractive. Staying calm and cool and let everything just happen as it comes, thatís the clue. No need to force anything.

That also means, writing too many emails or calling to often is not a good idea. It will only be annoying and she will soon quit writing back to him. Taking it slow, waiting what happens, being interested and understanding, these are the secrets of a successful online-affair. Another thing that should definitely be avoided is lying or making the life and career sound greater than they actually are. It doesnít help to raise your income or chose a photo of someone you think is more attractive, in the end you want to meet people in person and they will find out! When she is interested, she is interested because you are YOU. No need to pretend to be someone else.

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