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Why Would A Younger Woman Chose Me? - Finding A Younger Woman Online

When we see a couple with a big age difference where the women is much younger, we can immediately think of many reasons, why the older gentleman chose her. But thinking about what intentions drive a young lady in being with an older man seems slightly more difficult. The number of those couples is constantly increasing and lifestyle platforms specialised in online dating with age difference are flourishing. That means there must be more than one good reason for women, to look for older men.

Lucy is 26 years old, her husband is 23 years older than her, and second there is Emma, 29, who recently met her 55 year old boyfriend via online dating. We asked these two young ladies, why they prefer to be with older men instead of going out with men their age.

“Before I met Carl, I was dating a lot of men my age, or should I say boys?” says Emma, “In my hometown, all the men my age where still wearing baggy pants and kicks, which is perfectly ok as a leisurely kind of look, but not as a lifestyle. Yeah, and there’s much more to it than just the looks. Older men are real gentlemen, they know so much better how to treat a woman!” Lucy confirms “That is true, older men are very polite and experienced with women, they know how to read us. That makes the whole relationship so much more relaxed because I don’t have to explain why I acted in a certain way.” She smiles and looks at Emma who smiles back and says “Not only that they are experienced in handling a woman right and giving great advice, they are also much more sensitive and experienced when it comes to the bedroom. I feel that, in any way, I can completely let myself go and be 100% me. I trust him blindly.”

“Older men don’t have to prove anything to me, others or themselves anymore. They finished developing their life goals and personality and I have the feeling that this corresponds much better with women of my age,” says Lucy. “He knows who he is, he knows what he wants, he established a successful professional career, has his own house, cooks his own meals and washes his own clothes...he just wants to lead a happy and fulfilled life like me” “Yes, that’s true,” says Emma, “and I never have to worry how he behaves when we go out with upper class people or to a fine restaurant. It’s rather him telling me what to keep in mind and what to say. His contacts are amazing, he knows so many important people!”

“One thing I have to admit though,” says Lucy, “I also appreciate his financial status. I mean, it’s not the only thing that counts, but it is such an advantage to have a partner who is able to afford things, invite me, pay for dinner or a holiday. Older men are in any way bespoke partners tailored specifically to young women’s needs.”

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