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Qualities Every Mature Man Should Have When Seeking a Young Woman to Date

If the walls had ears, you would be listening in on your former mates to find out what they really thought of you and where exactly did things go wrong. This way you could work hard to be the kind of man that women would love to get to know. But sometimes, men don’t bother to improve themselves and so when this happens they leave a string of broken hearts behind them. They also don’t bother to truly listen to what their dates are saying early on in the dating experience which robs them of future dates with women they truly like. So what is it that young women like about mature men and how might you be able to capitalize off of what they are sharing?


Some men just don’t understand the power, protection, and respect that comes with being male. They don’t realize their worth and because of that, they are the guys who will leave their date alone with a bunch of men talking while he is doing something else. They will let their guard down when confronted by another male and take on the passive role, yet act strong and mighty with a woman. They will even go so far as to put their girlfriends out on the front lines to fight their battles. If situations like this keep happening while dating, a young lady won’t respect a man much and might go so far as to call him that dreaded “b“ word during an argument. It’s unfortunate but some men are blurring the lines between genders.

Don’t whine, cry, or complain to your date, man up! Simply put, young women don’t want to date someone like them, because if they did, they wouldn’t be on a site looking for mature men. Despite all of the negativity surrounding male and female relationships, stay focused and positive on what you can do to strengthen your personal bond with your young friend. She might not mind a bit of chivalry and standing up for her, but those sexist comments with “all women…” in them such as “…all women are so sensitive,” if you want a nice time with her, avoid them! Your date desires a man, not a girlfriend. Even when she is tempted to turn you into something you are not, like that guy who likes to wear ladies‘ fashion boots, gently remind her of your differences and why you like you just the way you are then give her, her purse back if you find yourself helping her longer than you want to. Protect your manhood!


The young woman hopes to be with a man that isn’t like the boys she has been accustomed to dating. She doesn’t want him dressing and talking like he is her age or younger. She definitely doesn’t want the guy who is often irresponsible with his money and acts like a complete fool when they go out, because he is having one of his hormonal moments. Mature men know how to manage their health and wealth and that is what she will be observing. Some young women are seeking someone who isn’t just going to be her lover, but quite possibly her husband. You might want to find out what is on your lady friend’s mind these days.


You may have read this in the past, young women like men who are knowledgeable and cultured and can teach them a thing or two. That is what she is hoping to get when she is dating you. So share a little bit of what you know when she brings up interesting conversations; instead of reacting like most men with a short phrase or two of “That’s good…didn’t know that…I already knew that…Hmm.” Can we say boring? Remember, many young women are looking for memorable, fun times.


You might have earned respect with her, but has she earned it with you? Your date wants to be respected as well. Do you watch your tone when speaking to her or are you condescending? When she shares personal stories are you judgmental, do you make jokes, or act rude? When she says, “No,” do you listen? Just like she can lose respect for a man who has no sense of self, a young date can also disrespect an older man who makes her feel uncomfortable even angry. Young women still have some maturing to do so they don‘t always angry emotions well. When they feel disrespected, they will say and do the kinds of things that will drive any man mad. Watch what you say and do and so the old adage goes, “Treat others how you would want to be treated.”

Healthy Sex

Some older men can have sex sometimes, but not enough to keep a young woman interested in them intimately. It is unfortunate but certain medicines just don’t work for all or leave some men with bad side effects which means without no pills or supplements, these older men are “hit and miss types.” A young woman who enjoys love-making will find a relationship with a man who has more misses when it comes to sex than hits is rather dull. If you have sexual issues, let her know then allow her to determine whether she still wants to date you.

Consider these tips before you go out on your next date. Every man who is interested in dating younger will want to make a lasting impression. You never know if the young lady might be the one who exhibits everything you ever wanted in a date. Enhance your appeal, look, dress, and be that person you always wanted to be. It won’t be long that a quality woman will recognize a quality guy!

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