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How To Find And Keep A Younger Woman

Finding a younger woman you truly love when you are in your 50s or older is hard enough, but what worries most of the older gentlemen with much younger partners is how to make her happy and keep her.

Surveys revealed the fact that the number one reason why couples with age difference split up is jealousy. And that is no surprise. Younger women are attractive, in the prime of their life and often extremely sociable with a lot of hobbies and friends. It is therefore easy to understand that her older partner is worried about her cheating or leaving him for someone else, someone younger. Which is why mutual trust is the most vital element of such a relationship. The older gentleman has to trust her that she chose him, because she wants to be together with him and nobody else. He has to believe that there is no reason for her to leave or cheat at all.

And this leads to the next logical issue, the older man should make an effort to avoid giving her any reason to think about leaving or cheating. According to the above mentioned surveys, young women leave their older partners often because the men changed tremendously within the first 2 years. The young ladies said that their partner made a huge effort when they were dating and in the first year of the relationship, but after a while they got lazy, worked too much and werenít that interested in their girlfriends anymore.

No matter how old the partner we love, he or she should never ever be taken for granted. There are always two sides of a story and in a relationship each partner has to make an effort. Good looks, attractiveness, interest, tolerance, social contacts and events, a good sex lifeÖall these things donít stay great by themselves, they have to be watered and fed like a sensitive plant to grow beautiful, healthy and durable.

The next main reason why younger ladies leave their older partners is a lack of mutual interests. A big age difference can mean a big difference in interests and hobbies as well. The couple has to make an effort to share things. Establishing mutual hobbies and rituals is an important thing to maintain the close connection to each other. Growing apart happens fast and often unnoticed.

Last but not least, honesty and truthfulness are among the most vital values of a successful relationship between younger women and older gentlemen. Tension and fights can be nipped in the bud by telling the other person everything and listening to the otherís concerns and fears.

Whatever the case, keeping a younger woman happy should never feel like a fight or something the older man has to make a lot of sacrifices for. If it does over a longer period of time, however, it is most likely that the relationship was not meant to be.

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