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Dating Tips for Mature Men Dating Young Women

Immature men abound on the dating scene. They seek women with qualities that they have yet to possess such as being responsible, nice, and caring. The women you might have dated in the past may have shared a story or two about their disappointing dating experiences. Mature men stand out from the rest because they exude confidence. They are comfortable with being men, rather than trying to act like women. They also aren’t acting immature or sleazy in order to get women. So to ensure that you actually find someone that meets some, if not all of your preferences, you may want to keep some things in mind before you arrange to date more young women in the future.

Put your past behind you.

You may be older, a bit wiser than most when it comes to dating, yet somehow your past has a way of coming back to ruin things between you and your new dates. It could be the unexpected bill in the mail, a surprise visit from an ex who you never returned her call, a background check, or some other issue that makes the young woman want to go elsewhere. Take care of your past business so that it doesn’t follow you in the present or future.

Act your age.

She might be youthful and may periodically talk in slang, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like her. Remember, she is dating you because she wants to experience something different. If she wanted immature, she would have stuck with the guys who act that way. You might want to find out if her age truly reflects who she is. She may look 20, but act like she is 30 plus. You may look 60, but feel like 45. So it wouldn’t make any sense nor would it be smart to mimic a certain age group just to appease a young date especially if she doesn’t fit into any particular group, nor behave in a way you think.

Convince her she has made the right decision dating you.

If she is a very attractive, young woman, there will be men who will come forth wanting to date, even marry her. But a man who truly likes a special woman is going to reassure his potential wife that he is indeed the best pick for her. It is in your best interest to stand out from the rest in a way that makes her feel safe and secure with you.

Dishonesty will set the relationship backward.

Don’t think that she can’t figure out that you aren’t being completely honest about things like: what you own and what is rented, wages, girlfriends/wife, children, income challenges, lack of interests other than TV watching, etc. Its unfortunate but far too many daters lie about all sorts of things from where they live to what they drive. As the little lies turn into big ones, so does angry, bitter emotions grow. Eventually the relationship becomes stagnant and may even slowly decline backward. A young woman just might spend some time thinking about all the lies that has been told, before one day exploding and threatening to break up. Save yourself the future drama, speak truth as soon as you possibly can.

Uncertain about whether she is the one.

Avoid introducing her to your relatives and friends until you are sure about her and she is sure about you. Why go through the phase of criticism from relatives and friends about dating younger if you are doubtful this one is going to make it? You don’t want the young woman to start developing a bond with people that you know if you plan on ending the dating relationship or uncomfortable about your selection in a mate.

You still have deep feelings for your ex.

Take your time looking for a new partner and be certain you aren’t looking for an exe replacement before you date someone else. Some men can draw their exes back to them simply by thinking about them way too much and acting so friendly with their past lovers that a date has no choice but to think, “He still loves his exes.” Your new dating experience will be headed for trouble if you don’t lose the old romances for good--no friendships, friendly exchanges, etc.

Put a reasonable limit on how much money you will spend on the first few dates.

You don’t want to spoil a young woman with all your capabilities when it comes to utilizing your assets--and we aren‘t talking about the obvious one. So budget accordingly and put a cap on who you know, what you can do for her, and where you would like to take her. Allow her flaws to come chining fourth before you dazzle her with your net worth. Is she worth it?

Don’t be fooled by girls.

Keep away from girls who look like young women, no child is worth going to jail for. You can usually tell that one is a young girl by the way she talks and not always by the way she looks. For instance, she acts mature when discussing her likes, dislikes and what she thinks about you, but when you offer her constructive feedback, mention something about her family and friends, or talk about something personal, she becomes visibly upset and overly defensive about something that you know a mature woman just wouldn’t overreact to. Notice her youthful looking face without the makeup, a body still budding, and sometimes the way she walks and insecure body language and immature conversation, especially around women your age. A girl or very young woman will display a lack of self confidence, because she still has a lot of growing up to do. Don’t volunteer being her teacher, mentor or friend, let her parents do that.

As you know, there is more to dating young women besides the typical beauty, brains, and shopping spree that tends to go along with them. You will need to cultivate a dating experience that is going to attract and keep the kind of young woman you desire on your arm.

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