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Approaching Younger Ladies in Real Life

Once a man has reached a certain age, he never thought it would be an advantage to have some flirting tips at hand. This is usually a worry that he has left behind since his teenage years. But honestly, single men of 40 plus donít find it exactly easy to get to know women they really like. It feels like all he women their age are married, or have children, or are simply unattractive for whatever reason.

And this is not the only reason why a lot of divorced and single gentlemen between the age of 40 and 70 are looking for a considerably younger woman. This preference is based on their nature as well as on their psychological structure. This is exactly the age where men need the confirmation that their life has a purpose, that they did not do anything they did in vain, that everything they achieved and everything they are as a person is worth while and appreciated. This, of course, happens subconsciously, but this subconscious feeling manifests itself in simple and small changes like the desire to dress better, to look better, to feel fitter and, not least, to go out with younger women.

Deep down on the ground of the desire to meet and date younger ladies lies a hidden desire to be young again. To feel alive and to get the certainty that life is not over yet. And gentlemen, you can rest assured that it is not! Nowadays, men between 40 and 70 are in their prime of life. Many men of this age group did not have the chance to establish a family yet because business as well as personal and professional success always came first. They achieved professional success and a great standard of living. And letís get that clear, those men are a tremendously desired species by younger women between 25 and 40.

So, now you know that, it wonít feel as hard anymore to approach younger women. Whether you are dating online in one of the lifestyle platforms for older gentlemen and younger ladies, or whether you are trying your luck in real life, approaching younger women is not a form of art nor an insurmountable hurdle.

If you see a younger lady you like, donít hesitate and let all your charm play. There is nothing to lose thereís no harm trying and talking to her. If that seems for whatever reason too complicated, look at her. Keep looking at her until she notices that you are and by her reaction, you will be able to tell whether she is interested or not. Does she smile? Then keep on flirting and buy her a drink before she leaves. Does she look serious and turns away? Forget it.

Once a first dialog is successfully initiated, be a real gentleman. Be interested but avoid overly hasty actions and whatever you do, donít give the impression of wanting to go to bed with her. Be interested in who she is and the rest will follow.

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