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7 Tips on Dating a Younger Woman:
Why Younger Women will Date Older Men

Critical men and women who don't like the idea of an older man taking interest in a younger woman find it hard to understand, so they will discourage such an arrangement. However, there are young women who don't find anything wrong with dating someone older and will ignore advice if they truly find their mature partner interesting, sexy, and compatible. So when a mature gentleman is given the opportunity, he should take it without exhibiting any doubt or lack of self-confidence. Younger women who date older men know what they want and are not ashamed of their preference. Other things worth noting when it comes to dating younger women have a lot to do with what her previous dating experiences have been like and what she has learned from them. None of which you might truly grasp unless you take the time to interview her and permit the relationship to grow.

One. A young woman assumes her mature date is more experienced when it comes to dating than she is, because he has been around longer.

Although this is nothing more than an assumption and she just might have more dating experience than he, she is going into the dating experience ready to take in whatever her older gentleman is bringing. So if he is sharing stories that are heartfelt and entertaining, she is wondering, "What more does he have to share? I like this guy, I might learn a thing or two even if things don't work out." The older man seems to have more in common with her than past dates who were close to her age, so she considers herself lucky and wants to keep dating her charming suitor.

Two. The young date believes her older companion wants more out of a relationship besides sex.

Despite having read articles and watched a show or two about what men expect from women while dating, she is hoping her guy is a bit different from the norm; therefore she is seeking more than just flirting and sexual gestures. Since many mature men do know how to demonstrate self-control, she finds that a great characteristic and will gradually drop her defenses when she feels comfortable with him knowing he isn't in any rush to have sex with her.

Three. Some young women hope that their mature dates will bring culture, surprise and good times to the dating relationship.

Not every woman is looking for fancy restaurants, shopping sprees, and fun vacations, but many women are hoping that age has swelled their older dates' bank accounts. A generous man is always a delight to be around, and if she is equally generous they should have no problems spoiling one another.

Four. She believes her date will do his best to show he cares for her.

The young woman might tell herself, "My date knows how to please women because of the way he conducts himself (ie. he is always on time, well-groomed, smells good, pays for dinner, drives a nice automobile which is often clean…) Based on what she has learned from his exterior and assets, she expects him to take care of her like he takes care of himself. However, sometimes this isn't always the case and unfortunately, some young ladies might not trust their older dates no matter how nice they look or what they drive. Some young women will act very independent to the point that it might turn their companions off.

Five. She thinks he is financially stable.

If he didn't want his date to know much about his net worth, then he should have left his expensive clothes, jewelry and hot sports car at home. A woman who takes the time to notice all that is beautiful, shiny, and bright tends to believe her man is worth it, so he is a keeper, at least for awhile.

Six. She trusts him.

Once trust has been established, the sky is the limit! A young woman who has no reason not to trust her gentleman suitor is going to share details about her life and permit her date to sweep her off her feet. Until trust is broken, the young woman who tends to have some standards about herself just might continue to stick it out with her older date.

Seven. She believes he is patient.

A young woman who has observed her date act patiently with a child, an elderly person, and others who a young suitor might have acted irritated with, just might win her over. Her date may have messed up here and there and apologized profusely, but what captured her heart was the tender way he acted toward someone else who couldn't do anything for him.

Lifetime experience, companionship, quality conversation, care, security, trust, and patience are just some of the more popular things that young women seek when dating older men. In their past dating experiences, most likely they have had to deal with negative issues that left them feeling like there just aren't any good guys left--prove them wrong! Remember always take the time to interview your dates. There maybe some women who didn't have the best experiences, but then there are always those who haven't much experience dating young or older. Tailor what you have learned about young women based on what you know about your date. The last thing you want to do is put her in a category that she doesn't belong. To your dating success!

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