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7 Signs a Mature Man is Not Ready to Date a Younger Woman

He isn't the type who has much of a sense of humor. He has a history of women using and abusing him. He sometimes find himself hating women more than loving them. There was a time when he remembered being in love, but these days he is finding it difficult to experience it again. This man doesn't sound like one who is ready to date a younger woman much less date any woman of any age or ethnicity. However, some men will try to date someone even when they aren't mentally, physically, or spiritually prepared for the challenges ahead, so repeatedly his dating experiences end in failure.

Some mature men will seek a young woman, because they know with women their own age and older they can see through an aging, miserable man's exterior. But a young woman who isn't knowledgeable about men will miss the signs and even if she does see that a date isn't right for her, she just might listen to his sales pitch on why she should keep him around anyway. Yet, no matter what he says, the gentleman might want to think about dating until he knows that he knows a young woman is what he wants. There are signs that he should pay attention to when he isn't ready to date just yet.

One. Zero tolerance for dumb moments and easily irritated with playful humor and activities.

When he feels like he is about ready to flip his lid when it comes to a young woman not understanding what he is saying, can't execute on something he has asked of her, and really lacks the know-how when it comes to doing certain things despite repeated instructions, it is best to avoid an argument with her. She might act silly, shake what you say off, or even act disrespectful. If you feel your blood pressure boiling every time she laughs or jokes, you aren't ready for a young lady.

Two. The young woman's attire is unacceptable to you.

You hate the bright colors, bold lipsticks, dyed hair, strange looking shoes, and sometimes feel ashamed walking anywhere with her, don't try to change her, change your preference.

Three. Sexual challenges.

She might have her hang-ups and you might have yours. There may be some incompatibility issues that leave the two of you feeling frustrated. When you have done all that you can do to satisfy her or yourself, you might want to end your love-making sessions before she gets pregnant. The last thing you want is to bring a child into the world with someone that you weren't necessarily sold out on dating in the first place.

Four. She seems to be at conflict with most people and uses profanity often.

Young people who are still growing up will do some things that will make older adults feel annoyed. When you know she just isn't doing much when it comes to self-control, don't act like a parent, end the relationship. It takes much patience and constant reminders for some people to change their ways. If you have little time and patience with young people, move on.

Five. The young woman has unresolved issues with parents and other relatives.

Not in the mood to be her counselor, this just might be a deal-breaker since most young people want to associate with people who will listen to them.

Six. Her interests in shopping, celebrities, fashion and other related trends seem to be far too important in her life.

When one's interests are limited and he or she is unwilling to discover anything new outside of his or her box, there will be conflict overtime. You may find yourself quite bored with her because she has nothing else going on with her.

Seven. Your date has low self-esteem often talking negatively about self and others.

Misery loves company. If you feel just as bad as she, maybe the two of you will get along just find, but then again maybe not. The point of dating someone is to find someone who uplifts your spirits not bring you down.

After experiencing a series of bad dates, take a break. Think about what you can change about yourself and interests. Take what you have learned from your dating experiences and do some things differently when you are ready. Sometimes personal or professional stress can contribute to a negative outlook when it comes to dating. If you don't feel that great about other areas of your life, you aren't going to feel that good bringing someone into your life.

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