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6 Tips on Avoiding Unnecessary Drama with a Young Woman

A negative remark that leaves a once cheery, young woman feeling uncomfortable during a date returned with a glare that puts her mature date on edge, can turn what could have been a great dating experience into a terrible nightmare! Sometimes dates just say one too many wrong things to one another and those around them as if their dates aren't paying any attention.

A mature man, who really likes a young lady, will do well when his ego is in control, his conversation is light, and he genuinely enjoys his date's companionship. But some so-called mature men just can't seem to make a good impression on young women, because they don't bother to get to know them and won't keep some aspects of their own personality in order before trying to advise their young partners.

Some men know what their personal challenges are because an ex or a relative told them angrily enough times. However, knowing and doing, well those are two different things. People can know things, but it doesn't mean they will do them. Following are some thoughts to keep in mind if you want to keep the peace during your courtship with a younger woman.

1. Don't hide your age--she can see your gray hair and age spots.

How many times does Hollywood portray an older character who acts like he is just as young and fun as his girlfriend? Some men hide their age not only by avoiding the "How old are you?" question with jokes, but they will attempt to unsuccessfully style their hair and pick out clothes that doesn't make them look young at all. Rather, they look like old men dressed in young men's clothes. A young woman can see when an old guy is just trying too hard. She just might lose what little respect she has for him. If she wanted a young man, she would have dated one.

2. Be honest especially if you are that guy who still owns a wedding ring.

Some young women aren't use to being with a mature man or anyone of your stature, you handsome fellow! So why do you feel the need to exaggerate what it is that you do or lie about your past, present or future? Speak truth when she asks those questions that leave you feeling like, "Why did she want to know that? What the!?" Evidently, she is testing your wits, maybe she has an agenda, or could it be that she is simply making some friendly conversation. "Are you married?" the young lady asks. "Well, I still am, but I am getting a divorce, see!" so the mature guy whips out his divorce paperwork. At that point, the young woman has a choice, she can stick it out with her date or tell him, "Well thanks for being so honest. Please do take care of your past business, so that I can be a part of your future, sweetheart."

3. Tell yourself, "I know I am the more experienced one between us two, but I don't have to prove it."

Is it really necessary to bore your date with all you know, where you have been, what you have seen, and how much you enjoy a drink she has never heard of on the French Riviera? Think: ask a question, wait for an answer, share something about yourself, and then ask another question. Even if she is as quiet as a mouse, smiles often and constantly nods her head up and down as if being yanked by an invisible puppet master, don't believe that she is having a good time.

4. Keep your temper in check even if it isn't a good representation of the real you.

The young woman watches your response while driving when you get cut off by a raging lunatic talking on his cell phone. She observes your conversation with the waiter who has messed up your order far too many times. Your date sees you talking with someone who obviously is nervous about something when she returns from the restroom, what type of man does she see? A red-faced man ready to rip someone a new one or a gentleman who is in control with a weird smile on his face. Whatever you look like, be sure that having a positive outing with your date is more important than your wanting to get even with Steven.

5. Watch how you react to the hot women who just appear out of nowhere.

Sexy women know how to show up during times when you are supposed to be only having eyes for your date. They flirt, you laugh, they flirt again, you think it is okay to look at something you shouldn't, you just messed up. A man who is weak for beautiful women should always turn away.

Before a hot woman gets anywhere near you, touch your date's hand, compliment her and then proceed to look as far away as your head can turn until the hot lady is out of view. Some of the most attractive and secure young women can create tension in the air because their dates are more interested in other women than them. Cut the tension before it starts, don't double-take or flirt.

6. Avoid the topics that make your heart pound and your palms sweat.

Why would exes, politics, religion, and family issues come up on the first, second, third, fourth or any date when you aren't even the least bit interested in marrying this woman yet? One way to turn your young friend off is to focus on negative things related to controversial subject matter and then try to school her on life. The minute her voice changes and her eyes get serious, change the subject. Let her talk, but change the subject as soon as you can unless you want to play therapist while she starts crying and yelling about what this person and that one didn't do for her.

You can probably think of six more things you should or shouldn't do with your date based on what you already know about her. Remember she is your date, not your wife. If you strongly desire a good evening, do what it takes to make it memorable like a sappy romantic movie rather than a wrestling match.

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