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6 Things to Avoid When Dating Younger Women

When you are ready to date that special someone, you will want to do your best to be the kind of companion that you convinced her that you are. However, once you get to know her, you may feel tempted to alter who you are in an effort to keep her around even when the writing on the wall might state, "This one is not a keeper." There are some things that men who date younger women do that cause their relationships to come to an end in record time.

One. Taking the Role of a Parent Figure

Young women who date older men may have lacked a father figure, but don't be misled into thinking that they are seeking their dad in every man that they date. An experienced dater most likely is over the "I wish for my dad" kid of relationship and would prefer to simply be with a man who is willing to love and appreciate her. Although tempting, to tell a sweet, young lady, "I will be your daddy." Don't even try it!

Two. Public Disputes

A young boisterous, immature woman who has a chip on her shoulder can be seen across the room once you get pass all of that pretty exterior. Her sour expression, lack of confidence, and even lazy posture are sometimes dead giveaways. She doesn't mind making life difficult for others with her whining, complaining, threats, tears, and negative story-telling. So if you react to her in a way that is displeasing, she just might not bother to talk over her disappointment in a civilized matter, but rather talk loudly so that everyone knows every little thing that is wrong with her. As much as you would like to tell her off right then, right now, be mature and walk away from a dispute-loving date who simply feeds off negative attention.

Three. Physical Altercations

They are out there, single, young women who are combative. They don't see anything wrong with clobbering a guy who angers them. But if you were to strike back, they will figure out a way to blame you and appear like the victim. When you notice a date who is hot-tempered, don't welcome her back into your life after ending the date. She doesn't have old bruises, scars and other markings for nothing.

Four. Defending Her When You Barely Know Her

You may want to rescue the damsel in distress even when you don't know the whole story, but be advised when you don't know someone, you just don't know them, so watch getting yourself involved with her quarrels with others. Back off when the heat seems to keep being turned up every time you are with her especially when she is the one in a rush to do one thing or another, you need to ask yourself, "Why? What is going on with her?" It will only be a matter of time when things will start to come out about her whether on or offline that might not be very nice. Don't be so quick to tell someone off, speak positively about her, or use your name as a reference to help her. Get to know her.

Five. Caring for Children You're Not Ready For

As nice as she maybe, if you aren't ready to be a daddy yet, avoid starting a bond with the children. Unlike adults, children don't break from adults very easily and besides you don't know how many dates have come before you and how much the children had to endure with them. Some dates aren't going to tell-all about their lives no matter how open and honest they act. So if you know you have personal hang-ups about children, don't rush to visit with them or spend a night over. Take your time.

Six. Personal Issues that Require Much Time, Energy and Money

It is very tempting to want to help someone who is in need, but when the personal issues seem to mount, this can be an unnecessary stress. First, it was her car repairs, then it was some money for her child, now she is asking for help to buy yet another thing for her home, when you find that every time you get around her you seem to be buying her and everyone else something, and doing one thing or another for her, time to fall back. What could have been a pleasant experience getting to know one another has now become nothing more than one taking advantage of another's kindness while the other pays for sex--that is if you got that far.

Young women can be very beautiful to look at and quite charming. Some know what they want and will do things in very deceptive ways to get it just like men who are looking for sex and not a relationship. So be guarded and avoid falling in traps that do nothing more than drain you of your hard-earned money, energy and time. Be the kind of person that sincerely enjoys the company of a young woman and who develops a positive relationship with her at a pace that the two of you can feel comfortable. Put off the distractions for as long as you can!

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