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6 Things an Older Man's Ex Might Say
About Him to the Younger Woman

When the thought comes to you, younger woman, after encountering an ex that goes something like this, "She is so nice. She isn't as bad as he described her. I could like her," one must consider what is it about your date that his ex-wife or girlfriend and mother of his children felt that she must rid herself of him? What is it about the mature man that makes him desire a younger woman after years of being with someone close to his age? From hormones to infidelity, an ex can only take but so much coming from a man whose desires and body woes change with the wind.

1. He has mental and/or physical issues.

There are the ones you see when you start dating and the ones that take a little longer to show up, those mental challenges and physical ailments that might have contributed to his previous breakups and divorces. Rather than admit his flaws, he will spend much time talking badly about his ex in the hopes that you will overlook his short-comings.

2. He is a workaholic or lazy.

For some gullible women, they falsely assume that every rich man is a workaholic and every poor older man is lazy. But sometimes this perspective is shattered when a rich man turns out to be lazy and a poor man turns out to be a workaholic. A wealthy man can reach a point in life where he doesn't have to do anything, but order his workers to handle his responsibilities which leaves him with much free time to do nothing more than pleasure himself. A poor man is so driven to make money and achieve material wealth that he doesn't know when to quit working. Idle time will get one in trouble right along with working far too much to the point of exhaustion. His ex is an ex for good reason.

3. He will not stay committed to you.

Most women who are able-bodied, attractive, and doing very well in their lives usually divorce because of many reasons including lying and cheating. No amount of money, sweet talk, promises, or more from any woman (white, black, red or yellow) will keep a man faithful who is weak to pretty women, fast cars, and opportunities to increase his wealth. So an ex looking angrily at the father of her children while speaking to him, as if she is ready to hurt him, is reacting in those ways for reasons far beyond what you think you might know.

4. He was emotionally and/or physically abusive.

He said he never hit a woman and he didn't do anything abusive, but the ex knows better--she lived with him most likely for years. A man with a long history of dating women will have memories where he acted aggressively toward women and cursed far too many times during disputes while creating a hostile environment for all. The new woman hasn't been around long enough yet to endure anything abusive from him, so she can't attest to the true nature of his character.

5. He isn't as generous as you might think.

Good times dating, traveling and doing other things on his dime won't last for long before he is asking you to contribute to his plan, dreams and more with your service and money. The ex can recall times when he did the same to her, won her trust and then used her to get what he wanted out of life with the least amount of his cash. The first impression he gives you now doesn't last. Better start saving your money and investing in yourself especially when he becomes irritated or bored with you.

6. He is using you for selfish reasons.

No one wants to hear that they are being used for one thing or another. But oftentimes in May-December relationships, men and women are using one another for one thing or another. One would like to think that she is special and the apple of his eye, but when you think about it, there were many sweethearts that came before you, but in time their hearts turned sour. If you are going to be in a relationship with a player, then you might as well learn his game. The objective is to see how much you can get from him before he hurts you.

No need to worry over what an ex might think of you and what would she say if the two of you were in a room together, most would say nothing and just smile. But there is a lot said in a smile, a wink, and a pat on the back. She just might be thinking, "Best wishes, you just freed me from years of heartache."

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