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5 Things a Mature Gentleman Should Never Do
If He Plans on Keeping a Young Woman

A gentleman may have found his beloved future wife in that gorgeous, young woman he may have only started dating a month ago, but the question is, "Can he keep her?" Many young women are often independent, fun, and ready to experience new things, but not with men who tend to act self-absorbed and have large egos. Sometimes one who finds his interests more important than his dates or rather spend a great length of time talking about himself while dating, misses out. But there are other things that tend to cause a younger woman to look or run the other way during one's dating experience.

1. He chooses TV, Internet or some other hobby over a good time in bed when she calls on him.

Repeated rejection can turn anyone off especially a young woman who enjoys sex. If she finds that her mature gentleman suitor simply can't keep up with her, she will lose interest. Don't be surprised if she one day says, "I don't think we are sexually compatible."

2. He lies about his past life.

Some lies can be forgiven, but others not so much, it all depends on the woman. If she has shared that she has been cheated on multiple times, then most likely a deal breaker would be her current date lying about his numerous affairs with other women while he was married. If he says that he never robbed anyone, served time in jail, or physically hurt a woman or child and she finds out that he has, based on her personal experience, she just might jump ship.

3. Cheat on her with the exe, or any other woman, while claiming he is no longer seeing any of them.

Cheating is a big deal with many women both young and old, so when a mature man, who the young woman feels should know better, cheats on her, it can be devastating. Then if she forgives him and he goes right back to doing what she asked him not to do, the cheater is just asking for trouble. Some young women just won't make a quiet exit, so keep this in mind before you tell her, "I would never hurt you darling…"

4. He denies his children or the thought of having children so that he can stay in a relationship with her.

Some men would blatantly lie about having a son or daughter here and there just because they know in the past some women were turned off by this admission. It is best to be honest and state the following: whether you have children and how many, think you might have some but don't know for sure, or desire to have them in the future. It should be up to her on whether she wants to stay or go.

5. Treat her like a babysitter or housekeeper and don't pay her.

Some older men unfortunately have more problems then they let on and a couple might be babysitting issues and housekeeping. A young woman with little money or a permanent roof over her head just might be ideal for a divorced bachelor. He knows that if he plays his cards right he just might get the young woman to do it all while he works hard to bring home more money. Now the relationship might stand a chance, but that is if the benefits outweigh the headaches. Watching someone else's children not easy. Cooking and cleaning can be challenging. If the young woman isn't interested or use to either, she isn't sticking around for long especially if she knows she has a way out.

A mature gentleman who sincerely wants to be in a relationship with a young woman, just might want to think twice before committing to date her for all the wrong reasons. He may catch her, but keeping her just might be a challenge.

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5 Things a Mature Gentleman Should Never Do If He Plans on Keeping a Young Woman
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