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10 Signs You Don't Love Your Older Gentleman Anymore

When things started to take an unusual turn in your relationship, you may have put them off or reasoned them away to the point that now all you think about is, "How do I get out of this miserable relationship?" You may tell others, "I still love him, but…" Is this really true or are you deceiving yourself? Sometimes people are in love with what they see and are receiving, but the individual not so much. Pay attention to signs that tell you, "You don't love him anymore, you are just using him."

One. You start talking about the way he looks in a less than positive way to others.

Now this isn't one of those signs that is an end all, but it does say something about how your feelings have changed over time about your date. Look for other signs that go along with this one.

Two. You don't desire a future with him.

This is a huge sign that you are ready to move on when you can't even fathom the idea of being with him long term. However, things have a way of changing especially if you find yourself pregnant, he becomes ill, you are still dependant on him for something, or you realize one day that you can't go on without him. Now you almost feel forced to start thinking about a future with him.

Three. You avoid going out with him.

Put the nail in the coffin, who avoids someone that they are still interested in? When you can't stand the thought of being in the same room with him, you are so over him!

Four. You don't answer his calls without unhappy feelings.

This is another one of those subtle signs, but it is one not to be ignored. Why does he make you so unhappy and is there anyway that he can make things better? If you haven't communicated how you feel, you might want to. Now when you begin to see him changing, making an effort to appease you for the good of the relationship and you are beginning to feel like he still has some potential, don't break up--at least not yet, see what else he will do.

Five. You wonder if he is seeing someone so you will have an excuse to break up sooner rather than later.

This one is a good sign that it is definitely time to move on. You are willing to see this man with someone else just so that you don't have to deal with him. Make your plans to exit and don't forget to give him his stuff back.

Six. You no longer appreciate his nice gestures and wish he would stop.

Another clear indication that you are not the least bit interested in this fellow. Don't use or abuse him, let him go!

Seven. Family and friends notice you act differently with him and may say, "You aren't happy."

This isn't a definite sign, but close enough. If other people can see that something just isn't right with you anymore and this guy has something to do with it, how long must you go on living like this?

Eight. You no longer lie or cover up how you truly feel about the relationship.

A big, bright red flag that motivates you to start preparing your exit. Even if he notices that you are just interested in him anymore, don't be drawn back into the relationship on promises especially when you have given him more than enough time to get his act together.

Nine. You find faults with him and choose to focus on those things rather than the positives.

When you find yourself constantly fault-finding, you are only making matters worse for yourself and you aren't doing much for your reputation with others either. They will take notice how you treat your partner and may not want to continue relating with you. Bossy, mean-spirited women aren't any good for God or man.

Ten. You often fantasize about breaking up or leaving him.

This is more than enough warning from your mind and body that you are ready to end it. When you have this sign coupled with a host of others that scream, "He isn't it!" Do what's right for you, before you start to carry all those emotions that crazed women carry who stay in relationships long past their expiration date. Avoid future long-term feelings of resentment, insecurity, jealousy, un-forgiveness, and bitterness, do what your mind tells you and your heart will follow.

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